May 2020

The services that I normally provide are carried out on-site in the offices of the company that I am working for.

Obviously, this is not possible at the moment but all is not lost as there may be an opportunity for me to provide remote services...

AutoCAD DWT Template Files

When referring to a template in AutoCAD it means an all encompassing file that contains your personal or company default settings for producing your drawings. Typically this would include: -

Your standard layer list along with colours and linetypes.

Styles for different types of text that you need to create.

Your dimension style settings for creating dimensions.

Multi-leader styles for text and other types of leader labelling.

Empty table styles.

Layout tabs with page setups for printing and other output such as PDF.

Drawing sheet borders and title blocks and plot styles.

Possible pre-defined viewports.

Your own custom scale list.

System variables as required. E.g. Measurement set to 1 and Insunits set to 4.

Drawing limits set to a reasonable size to optimise the initial screen size in model space.

Let me create a new and updated template file for you...

Above all else, I hope that we can all stay safe and healthy.

I look foward to hearing from you...