This service is also aimed at existing users of the software or Cad managers and could apply to the full blown package or the cut down equivalent – AutoCAD LT.

Common commands that are often executed, repetative tasks and regularly used features of the software can be turned into macros often resulting in a single click command.

If you have the full blown version of the software rather than AutoCAD LT, then it is possible to go a step further and write your own commands.


To make the macros or new commands easily accessible to all users, I would recommend utilising the tool palettes feature.

Tool palettes provide a way of display icons with built in predefined properties that will perform several tasks in one click.

They can also be exported and shared with othr users which helps tie in with ensuring your in-house CAD standards are utilised effectively.

Free demo

I am happy to provide a free demonstration of what the potential of customisation using command macros and tool palettes entails for the way that you work.

I look foward to hearing from you...