CAD Standards


This service is also aimed at existing users of the software or Cad managers and could apply to the full blown package or the cut down equivalent – AutoCAD LT.

You will be shown how to set up, implement and maintain Cad standards in AutoCAD that are tailored to your drafting application and the type of drawing you produce.

A good working knowledge of using AutoCAD to perform a variety of tasks such as working with layers, text, dimensions & blocks would be required.


Creating drawing sheets with built in attributes and dynamic blocks to help fill in the title block easily.

Setting up plot style tables, layouts and printer settings.

Creating different layers, layer groups, colours and linetypes.

Creating different text styles and dimensions styles.

Setting up system variables and options to make AutoCAD work in a way that suits you.

Saving all of this in a dwt template file and making AutoCAD automatically load it when you start drawing.

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